The caliber is the heart of every mechanical watch. That is why NOMOS Glashütte produces all its calibers itself—something which is extremely rare in the world of fine watchmaking. The watchmaking company was originally known for outstanding hand-wound movements. Now more and more automatic calibers are joining them; they are just as precise, and some are even just as thin.

A few turns of the crown daily

The hand-wound movements from NOMOS Glashütte

It began with Alpha. Today, NOMOS watchmakers make six hand-wound movements. Round and tonneau shaped, with a power reserve, date, or without complications. Every caliber is unique—engraved with an individual movement number, perlage and ribbing polishes, adjusted in six positions, and capable of chronometer-level accuracy.

A handshake suffices

The automatic movements from NOMOS Glashütte

Entirely self-sufficient: The automatic movements from NOMOS Glashütte wind themselves. They use the power of motion, the rotor turns during jogging or mixing martinis, turning activity into time—with chronometer-level accuracy. They may feature a date, world time mechanism, or be entirely without complications.

DUW: the company’s caliber brand

Eight calibers feature a particular acronym in their names and engraved onto their backs: DUW. It stands for “Deutsche Uhrenwerke” and underlines NOMOS Glashütte’s competencies as an independent caliber producer. And for the fact that we do not buy in a single caliber (as is usual in the mechanical watchmaking world) but rather produce all of them ourselves, in-house in Glashütte.

Production at NOMOS Glashütte is carried out according to the principles of the renowned Deutscher Werkbund movement. That is why cutting-edge technology is used when it helps precision. However, the vast majority is carried out the way Glashütte watchmakers have always done it—by hand with a great deal of care and attention to detail.

There was a rule for automatic calibers: They are either slender or precise. Both at once? Unthinkable. The engineers at NOMOS Glashütte weren’t content with the status quo. And they developed DUW 3001—an extremely slender and extremely precise mechanical caliber that can be produced in series.

Escapement, assortiment, reglage: The tiny and yet highly complex system comprised of a balance spring, escape wheel, and pallet that powers a mechanical movement has many names. Hardly any watchmaking companies can produce this crucial component, which could be seen as the heart of a mechanical caliber, in-house. We are an exception.

» DUW 3001: A slender global sensation« Die Welt

Whether with a world time mechanism, power reserve indicator, or a date: Even when it becomes a little more complex, NOMOS calibers remain beautifully simple to use—and precise in their functions.

Swan neck fine adjustment, gold chatons polished in balsa wood, twin mainspring barrels delivering an 84-hour power reserve, the rhodium-plated three-quarter plate with NOMOS’ fine sunbeam polishing, edges beveled and polished by hand—the NOMOS calibers DUW 1001 and DUW 2002 are first class examples of fine watchmaking.

We could tell you many things. Which is why you will find here a selection of the media coverage our calibers have received.