NOMOS timepieces are made by hand exclusively in Glashütte; but, in a certain way, they are born in Berlin. This is where the watches are designed, where the famous NOMOS look is created.

Paul-Lincke-Ufer in Berlin's Kreuzberg district: This is where NOMOS watches are designed, in a factory loft located in the second courtyard.

Berlin design for Glashütte watches

180 NOMOS employees are based in Glashütte, and around 20 work for the company in the German capital. They are product designers, copywriters and editors, photographers, programmers, project managers.

Take a look around the design loft

One of the main responsibilities of Berlinerblau is, of course, designing new watches—about a dozen employees there do this all day, every day. Some watches are created in collaboration with renowned external designers such as Mark Braun (pictured here, second from right)—others are entirely the product of NOMOS’ in-house product designers.

From ideas to the wrist

Cases are created on paper and screens, from plastic and plaster. It sometimes takes a great deal of time before they encapsulate our aesthetic ideals.

» Eye-catching and elegant« GQ, 08/2017


Beautiful times: Berlinerblau, NOMOS’ in-house creative agency

Creative teamwork

When a watch design is nearing completion, the creative work of the other departments at Berlinerblau can begin. It can take many months before new releases are presented to retailers and the public—months full of dedicated effort.

All about the watch

Presenting our watches at their best: That's one of the main tasks for the product design team at NOMOS Glashütte.

Inspiration, piles of it—and what we make of it: such as publications about the At Work series.