About giving

The idea of giving gifts is probably as old as mankind, but at least as old as the first writings that recorded it: from around six thousand years ago. People have always given gifts—to share, for diplomatic reasons, to pay homage or to show off their wealth. Even those who give a gift today are making a statement about themselves, their taste, and their circumstances. Above all, however, it is now about making others happy, showing them how you see them and what you think suits them. In doing so, you inscribe yourself into their world and, at best, make it that little bit more beautiful.

When to give a gift?

There are many gift-giving occasions: Birthdays, name days, anniversaries, religious festivals such as Christmas, Easter, confirmations, bar or bat mitzvahs or Eid. Weddings and births are of course particularly nice occasions for selected gifts, as are a recovery, a passed exam, a sporting victory or an excellent business deal. And sometimes you might just want to give a gift to someone very special because he or she exists.

What to give?

Almost anything is a good gift, as long as it comes from the heart—and is given thoughtfully. On the one hand, appropriateness is important, both in terms of the occasion and the value of the gift. This is because recipients want to be able to reciprocate with gifts of approximately the same value, at least in theory, in order to accept them without awkwardness. Generational relationships, such as those between parents or grandparents and their children or grandchildren, are usually excluded from this. And then, of course, there are local peculiarities in the gift-giving cultures, which you should find out about if you want to give the right gift outside your own culture.

Mechanical watches as gifts

Mechanical wristwatches for men and women, whether hand-wound or automatic, are always very special gifts. After all, they are objects of value that will last a lifetime, designed to be worn on the recipient's wrist, and are intended to be an expression of the wearer's personality. Giving a mechanical watch shows an awareness of tradition and quality, an appreciation of technology, craftsmanship, and design—as well as your generosity.

5 reasons to give mechanical watches as a gift

  • A mechanical watch is a highly functional object of enduring value.
  • Mechanical watches are available in so many designs (from elegant to robust, from simple to highly complicated, from tiny to very large) that—unlike digital devices, for example—a very personal gift can be chosen.
  • Mechanical watches are reliable companions throughout the day and provide helpful information without collecting data.
  • Mechanical watches are a constant reminder of the occasion of the gift and the person who gave it.
  • Mechanical watches not only have functional and symbolic value, but also financial value. They are often investments that increase in value over time, especially if they are special limited edition models.

7 reasons to give mechanical watches from NOMOS Glashütte as a gift

The key reasons for choosing a NOMOS watch are its high quality, beauty, distinctive modern design, and affordability as a luxury product. What do we mean exactly? Let us explain in more detail:

Award-winning design

Mechanical watches from NOMOS Glashütte are beautiful and have won many awards for their minimalist design, which is inspired the ideas of Bauhaus and the Deutscher Werkbund. They are exceptionally slimline on the wrist, with even sporty automatic models fitting under a cuff.

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Mechanical watches from NOMOS Glashütte have characteristic features and are immediately recognizable, but at the same time no two watch designs are the same—for example, each model family (here: Orion) has its own case shape.

Manufacture quality

Mechanical watches from NOMOS Glashütte are timepieces of the highest precision, with almost every caliber part developed and manufactured in-house—by trained experts in Glashütte, Germany, who also wear these watches themselves.

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The design engineers behind the NOMOS calibers are innovative and always looking for the simplest and most reliable answer to a technical question. They draw on the traditions of Glashütte watchmaking, which have been celebrated since 1845.

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Protection of origin

Since 2022, Glashütte watches have enjoyed legal protection of origin under EU law, which is very rare for industrial products. You can therefore be sure that the highest quality standards are consistently met when making them.

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NOMOS Glashütte is an independent watchmaking company that feels a lifelong responsibility for each and every one of its watches.

Ideal entry-level models

In the Club Campus collection, which is growing every year, there are sporty and colorful hand-wound watch models in several sizes that combine all the advantages of a NOMOS watch with a youthful style and an attractively affordable price. With a complimentary personal engraving, the gift—to yourself, to others, or to the next generation—is complete.

Is it bad luck to give watches as gifts?

No! Superstitious people sometimes think this and may fear the possibility that the watch given as a gift could stop. In that case, it could be repaired—if it is a mechanical watch. Anyone who feels uncomfortable at the thought of the wearer forgetting to wind it may opt for an automatic watch instead. It is true that in Chinese culture people tend to refrain from giving watches as gifts, because the word for "watch" is phonetically related to the phrase "to send the end." This is considered impolite and may therefore cause some concerns in terms of manners, but of course it would not result in any greater misfortune.

Mechanical watches as
graduation gifts

Mechanical watches make excellent gifts for high school graduation, college graduation, or other major milestones. They mark the transition from one stage of life to the next in an appealing and tangible way, as well as being investments in the future and designed to last a lifetime. Read on to learn how to find the right watch as a graduation gift and what to consider when buying one.

How do I find the right mechanical watch as a graduation gift?

Set the price range

There are no upper limits to the prices of mechanical watches. Since this is a graduation gift for high school or college, you will probably be looking for an entry-level model in stainless steel, with manual winding and most likely without complications. NOMOS Glashütte offers competitively priced mechanical timepieces with a protected designation of origin, even in the entry-level price range.

Decide which style is best

Is a sporty or a more elegant dress watch better suited to the person who will receive the gift? With classic Roman numerals, timeless indexes, or modern Arabic numerals? A two-hand or three-hand model? With a colored dial or in black or white? With a metal, leather or textile strap? With a rectangular or round case? Does the watch have to be submersible? If so, up to 10 or even 20 atm? In the NOMOS Store, you can filter the collection accordingly to get an impression of how the range of products changes.

Pick the right size

The case size is a very important decision. The wrist circumference is only one variable on the way to finding the ideal watch for a daughter, son, niece, nephew, granddaughter, or grandson. Many young people with narrow wrists still like to wear large watches, and small watches are also coming back into fashion on larger wrists. The more casual the clothing style and the larger the jewelry worn, the larger the watches tend to be. At NOMOS Glashütte, diameters of round cases up to 35 millimeters are considered small, 35 to 38.5 millimeters are medium, and above that are rather large. Due to the narrow bezel of most NOMOS models, the watches appear larger on the wrist than comparable diameters from other brands, where the dial takes up less space.

Learn about what is on offer

You now know exactly what you are looking for and can find an overview of the current range of options in watch magazines (in print or online), watch blogs or, of course, at local watch retailers. Online, you can often filter by price range and compare models from different brands. Once you have found a watch that interests you, it is worth taking a look at the manufacturer's website or going directly to the watch store to have the model shown to you in person.

Watchfinder: find the perfect mechanical watch for you

To wind or not to wind? Find the perfect mechanical watch online with our watchfinder. Here you can quickly and easily filter our models according to your taste. Size, shape, color - and much more. Click through to your favorite watch.

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Add an engraving?

With such a careful, thoughtful choice of gift, it stands to reason that you would also like to have the occasion and your wishes engraved on the back of the watch—so go ahead! There is hardly anything more personal than a mechanical watch with an engraving. After all, the person is wearing the message directly against their skin. At NOMOS Glashütte, almost any watch can be personalized with an engraving free of charge when you order online. Four lines of 22 characters each fit on a stainless steel back, and a short personal message can even be engraved on the bezel of a watch with a sapphire crystal glass back. The engraving can be selected and customized on the details page of each watch in the NOMOS Store. You will also find inspiration for messages to mark various occasions there.

Which mechanical watches make good graduation gifts for a daughter or granddaughter?

In addition to the advice given previously, the fact that the person in question is a woman who has graduated from high school or college should also be taken into account—as should the question of whether she already wears jewelry on her wrist and, if so, which kind. A gold bracelet will in no way hinder the wearing of a mechanical watch made of stainless steel, but it does give an indication that smaller, more elegant models might be in demand. A richly adorned charm bracelet or a wide bracelet, on the other hand, will probably have to be worn on the other wrist to the watch and then also suggests a preference for more robust models. Otherwise, it is worth thinking about her favorite colors, whether she does sports, and perhaps even considering strap options.

What mechanical watches make good graduation gifts for a son or grandson?

In addition to the advice given previously, the fact that the person in question is someone who has graduated from high school or college must also be taken into account. Consider which style he has and whether there are typical watch designs associated with it. International watch blogs regularly provide information on current developments. Otherwise, it's worth thinking about his favorite colors, whether they do sports, and perhaps even considering strap options.

Which mechanical watches make good graduation gifts for certain professions or interest groups?

If the watch is to be given as a gift for a degree or professional qualification, or if the career aspirations have already been decided, it is often possible to find entry-level models of mechanical watches that play with this theme. NOMOS watches are generally suitable for lawyers of all kinds, for example, because "nomos" is ancient Greek and means "law."

Young people who have learned Latin might also enjoy Roman numerals (or maybe not). People in technical professions would be delighted with a sapphire crystal glass back through which the movement can be observed.

Sportsmen and sportswomen certainly need their watch case to be highly water resistant; 10 atm would be the minimum advisable here.

A black and white dial is more suitable for those interested in business, while a red and white dial (the colors of the Red Cross) may suit nursing staff. Creative or artistic natures may welcome strong colors, and very straightforward people—future accountants perhaps?—may prefer a square watch.

The robust, youthful Club Campus collection is particularly popular among NOMOS customers as a gift for graduating from high school or college. Each year, two new dial colors are released in two sizes, making it the perfect choice to commemorate a certain moment in time. The back also offers enough space for personal engravings, even in the version with a sapphire crystal glass back.

Which messages are suitable for engraving on mechanical watches as a graduation gift?

Of course, anything that you like—and fits within the given space—is suitable. Messages that would fit on the stainless steel back of a Club Campus from NOMOS Glashütte, for example, are:

  • "No more fun: Here's to working life! Mom and Dad"
  • "You've made it!"
  • "Passed! We never doubted you could do it. Dad and Dad"
  • "You're a doctor! We're really proud of you. Robert and Ina"
  • "#Classof2024"
  • "+1 35053 4040 (Grandma's number, also abroad)
  • "We are bursting with pride! For Theresa, the qualified carpenter"
  • "All the best for the start of your studies, Henry! With love: Mom & Elke"
  • "Go Lynn: follow your dreams!"
  • "The roots are there, now may you grow wings. With love: your grandmas"
  • "Goodbye university, hello life! Look forward to a new era"
  • "You've invested so much time! From now on you can measure it! Martina"

Our engraving tool will give you further suggestions, also for other occasions.

Of course, all mechanical watches from NOMOS Glashütte are suitable as gifts. We have designed our Club Campus model specifically as an ideal gift for graduation and other milestones in life. This watch model is available in two sizes and many bold and eye-catching colors.

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