In Orion we have elevated the essentials to a fine art: This watch is more refined, restrained, and elegant than the timepieces that have gone before. Orion is a watch for life (and longer).


Time, reduced to the essentials

The curve of the case and the flow of the watch glass is reminiscent of times gone by and those that are yet to come; but the truth is that Orion is time- and ageless. With clear but gentle lines that flatter the eye and wrist alike, this watch is perfectly restrained and simply beautiful.

Finely drawn minute markers, the hour indexes set a touch further in—it is details like these that make it clear: A more elegant accompaniment will be hard to find.

Its curves give Orion all-round appeal: The lugs flow seamlessly into its case, while the domed sapphire crystal glass on its front and back create a continuous line that is beautifully pleasing to the eye.

Even with an automatic caliber, Orion neomatik remains as slender as a hand-wound watch—that’s thanks to DUW 3001, the tenth in-house caliber from NOMOS Glashütte.

» Puristic and perfectly proportioned« Goldschmiedezeitung

Finally: Since the ultra-thin automatic caliber DUW 3001 was introduced, Orion also ticks as an automatic. This wasn’t conceivable before.

Prizewinning restraint: Orion’s design, its mechanics and precision have received numerous awards.

Orion’s dial is sometimes a delicate rose color, sometimes pure white, and a fine shade of champagne in the neomatik series.

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Inner values that appeal quite automatically (or as a hand-wound)

A great deal of tradition and craftsmanship—combined with high-tech, where this serves precision: that is NOMOS Glashütte. Alongside the most classic of all NOMOS calibers, the hand-wound Alpha movement, Orion also comes equipped with the caliber DUW 4101—so with a date indicator. And with the ultra-thin neomatik calibers DUW 3001 and, with a date function, DUW 6101.

The NOMOS swing system

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NOMOS Glashütte can do what almost no other company worldwide can—produce a proprietary escapement. Known as the NOMOS swing system, it’s a declaration of independence in the world of fine watchmaking.