Where watches come from

More people in Glashütte wear good watches than elsewhere in the world. As these images prove.

When will there be a new watch?

Heike Arendt is the head of product management at NOMOS Glashütte and she doesn’t make announcements all too often—but she doesn’t rest on her laurels either.

The Best of the Best

Built like a vault — and beautiful to boot. For good reason, Tangente Sport has just won the highest distinction for watch design.

The Berlin Wall: 30 years on

In 1989, the population of East Germany won its fight for freedom and democracy—fortunately for NOMOS and Glashütte.

The mechanics of time

It’s everyday work for the experts, but for the layman it’s often a mechanical mystery: how do watches store and release energy? We explain all here.

Vacations for all!

There’s no question that your watch comes along when you go on vacation. Susanne Kloss, a trained watch medic, knows just how to keep your watch ticking along smoothly. And she's here to share some pointers.

A departure from the familiar

Expect the unexpected: There is a complex design process behind the development of the Autobahn watch.

It doesn’t always have to be a soft landing

At least for the watch! But do you really need “water resistance to 1000 ft”?

Strapping stuff!

Leather from a small area of a horse’s back, couture woven in France, or forged from metal: we’re talking about watch straps.

What’s within

Watch movements are beautiful—full of sun, snails, and handwritten love notes, even in the places you can’t see. Why is that?


A good three dozen towns called Glashütte exist worldwide. But only one is world famous—as the center of German fine watchmaking.

What NOMOS stands for

Is a watch a statement? Yes—among other things, it can show how we tick.