An update for three NOMOS icons: Tangente, Ludwig, and Orion have all received a new caliber—and it’s one that enables each model to feature a distinctive dial. The newly developed date is easy to set in both directions. And remains outstandingly slender by design.

Update in detail

neomatik made in Germany

Classic with an update: All three Update models are large and slender, and yet every one has its own, tailor-made date display. Despite the large diameter of the watches, this display is located where it should be, both traditionally and aesthetically speaking—on the edge of the dial. This is thanks to a highly innovative movement, the neomatik date caliber (DUW 6101).

The entire month in view: There’s a lot more to the iconic NOMOS model Tangente with its new date function. In terms of watchmaking as well. Just half a turn of the crown is all that’s required to change the date—in an instant. Even backwards to days gone by.

Highly precise, playful. Tangente with the new date circuit. This smart style of date display is entirely new, and is only available from NOMOS Glashütte. The beauty therein: This innovation on the watch’s face elegantly showcases the watchmaking skill that lies behind the dial.

Tangente marked the beginning of NOMOS’ story; and with its extra-large dial and highly complex neomatik date caliber it remains straightforward and stylish.

A conversation with the designer of Tangente Update

» Our classics have grown with this caliber—in terms of watchmaking as well.« Uwe Ahrendt, CEO NOMOS Glashütte

The traditional Ludwig is evidently an innovator too—with a date window at four o’clock, subtly integrated among the Roman numerals.

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Orion has found its perfect date: classic, complementary, and very easy to read at three o’clock—with its own typography.

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Update: one movement, three watches, a date brand new times three


Newly developed, using cutting-edge production techniques, and highly precise

The new neomatik caliber: entirely redeveloped, from top to bottom, optimized for precision and longevity. The new date mechanism was designed to fit into a confined construction space. The result: a date watch for every day of a busy calendar.

Theodor Prenzel, NOMOS head of design engineering, about neomatik date.

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What's where exactly? Inside the new neomatik date caliber.

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The elegant neomatik date caliber (DUW 6101) is extremely slender: While the rotor, the date, and the mechanism itself would usually require a considerable amount of space, this movement measures a mere 3.6 millimeters in height—with maximum durability. As always at NOMOS Galshütte, this caliber is richly decorated with traditional polishes and special engravings.

In all NOMOS calibers, the date ring is placed around the movement. In neomatik date, this caliber is particularly large. The first neomatik caliber with a date mechanism, it remains wonderfully slender. The date display can be made even clearer, and is particularly legible.

An in-house innovation: neomatik date (DUW 6101) is powered by a proprietary escapement, the super precise NOMOS swing system. With this pacesetter—recognizable by the blue balance spring—the watchmaking company stands out in the industry with something singular and special.