The original NOMOS timepiece with a new date ring—and in two colors. Tangente Update launched with a white silver-plated dial, and now this automatic watch is also available in dark ruthenium.

New date circuit

Tangente with a brand new date display

Reduced to the essentials, thoughtfully designed, and handcrafted from quality materials: Tangente neomatik 41 Update with a white silver-plated dial

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NOMOS Update in dark platinum: The latest version of Tangente Update features a dial refined with ruthenium.

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A new date for the iconic NOMOS model Tangente: designer Michael Paul managed this masterstroke.

Interview with Michael Paul


The new NOMOS caliber neomatik date—also known as DUW 6101—allows other NOMOS models to feature tailor-made date displays too.


The DUW 6101 caliber: Completely redesigned, highly precise, and created using modern production methods.

The new neomatik caliber: entirely redeveloped, from top to bottom, optimized for precision and longevity. The new date mechanism was designed to fit into a confined construction space. The result: a date watch for every day of a busy calendar.

Theodor Prenzel, NOMOS head of design engineering, about neomatik date

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What's where exactly? Inside the new neomatik date caliber

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The elegant neomatik date caliber (DUW 6101) is extremely slender: While the rotor, the date, and the mechanism itself would usually require a considerable amount of space, this movement measures a mere 3.6 millimeters in height—with maximum durability. As always at NOMOS Glashütte, this caliber is richly decorated with traditional polishes and special engravings.

In all NOMOS calibers, the date ring is placed around the movement. In neomatik date, this caliber is particularly large. The first neomatik caliber with a date mechanism, it remains wonderfully slender. The date display can be made even clearer, and is particularly legible.

An in-house innovation: neomatik date (DUW 6101) is powered by a proprietary escapement, the super precise NOMOS swing system. With this pacesetter—recognizable by the blue balance spring—the watchmaking company stands out in the industry with something singular and special.