This watch says more than a thousand words—and remains utterly discreet while doing so. It tells of impeccable manners at formal occasions and elegant poise on the big stage. Of sophistication, taste, and good company. Orion neomatik new black is an excellent choice for ladies and gentlemen, perfectly at home in black tie, as well as that certain something to complete any outfit.

Orion neomatik new black in detail

Masterful mechanics from our Glashütte facilities

With its harmonious lens shape, this Glashütte automatic watch is reduced to the essentials. It represents style, composure, and beauty—in three classic sizes and three refined designs.

Orion neomatik 39 new black

Elegance throughout: the generously proportioned black dial is gently curved to match the sapphire crystal and features embossed appliqués. Here, in the 36.4-millimeter diameter version in gold with rhodium-plated hands.

Orion neomatik new black

Subtly stylish: The date display of the NOMOS automatic watch is as black as the dial, while the numerals are printed in gold. Gold hands are the perfect finishing touch.

Orion neomatik 41 date new black

DUW 3001 and DUW 6101

neomatik: Motors of the next generation

Shortly after the arrival of the NOMOS swing system, it was the next in-house sensation: the first neomatik caliber, DUW 3001. Flatter, finer, more elegant than everything that had come before, it set a new standard for automatic movements. With the second caliber, DUW 6101, NOMOS Glashütte is taking things a step further—with a date that can be quickly and easily set forwards or backwards.

The neomatik caliber DUW 3001: an automatic movement of an entirely new caliber. Highly precise and at 3.2 millimeters, extremely thin. The proprietary NOMOS swing system keeps the time within. You can recognize it by the tempered blue balance spring.

DUW 6101: neomatik date, a high-end mechanism from Glashütte. This neomatik caliber is not only very large but, at only 3.6 millimeters in height, also exeptionally slender. The date is located exactly where it should be—at the edge of the dial. The fact that it can be set forwards or backwards quickly and easily? Just one of many user-friendly features.