Cause for celebration: Since 1845, fine timepieces have been crafted by hand in Saxony’s Glashütte. As a proud local company, NOMOS Glashütte is paying tribute to 175 years of the watchmaker’s art here with three limited edition watches. What model could be better suited to make this homage than Ludwig, the most classical of all NOMOS watches?


A traditional watch with high-end mechanics

With its Roman numerals and elegant casing, Ludwig is the most classical of all NOMOS models. This special limited edition takes classicism a step further: with an enamel-white dial, blue-tempered leaf hands, and a classical railroad track minute scale. For everyone who values tradition and collectors in search of quality at the core.

Horology made in Germany: For 175 years now, Glashütte has been a synonym for world-class timepieces. For watches that benefit from centuries of experience and at the same time have a contemporary edge. NOMOS Glashütte is a watchmaking company in the truest sense: inside our timepieces, you will never find anything but a NOMOS movement – each one hand-made with a passion for detail.

Each of the three special Ludwig anniversary watches will be produced in a limited edition of 175 pieces worldwide. An inscription engraved on the back will testify to this – and lend the watches a special value.

175 Years Watchmaking Glashütte

The art of watchmaking in Glashütte

High-end mechanics from Glashütte: the NOMOS neomatik movement with date (DUW 6101) is the result of our own research and development and sets a new standard worldwide. At a height of just 3.6 millimeters, it is extraordinarily flat. And you’ll find the date where it belongs: on the perimeter of the dial. For a watch of this size, that is a unique achievement.

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A clever economizer of space – the NOMOS program disk. It has the shape of a triangle with rounded corners. As a result, the DUW 6101 can use a relatively small 24 hour wheel. And there’s a nice side effect, too: the prohibited period for changing the date is reduced to a minimum.

The highly innovative neomatik date caliber DUW 6101 is furnished with a special rotor. It is bi-directionally winding – and loses scarcely any energy when shifting directions. Its dead angle was reduced to the absolute minimum – an almost unbelieveable 10 degrees.

In NOMOS watches, the assortment is called the swing system. This constitutes the heart of every mechanical watch and ensures its chronometric precision. Only a very few manufactories worldwide have the competence to construct this set of watch parts in-house. NOMOS Glashütte is one of them.

Signature and trademark of the neomatik movement: the elegant, gilded engraving of NOMOS on rotor and base plate. Other typical features of NOMOS movements include the three-quarter plate with Glashütte ribbing, blue-tempered screws, and rhodium-plated movement surfaces with Glashütte ribbing.

The balance bridge in NOMOS watches is extremely stable, as it is fixed with two screws. It gives perfect support to the hairspring. And it features an integrated shock absorber to protect against any blows or bumps your watch might encounter.