The Bauhaus movement will turn 100 years old in 2019. To celebrate the occasion, NOMOS’ iconic Tangente model is now available as a special edition: three different colors times three, each limited to 100 pieces—and with a 100th anniversary discount. Inspired by the color theory of the design school, these dials feature a ring of blue, yellow, or red on a background the color of sketch paper.

A century of Bauhaus in detail

Simply straightforward

There are three sizes: 33, 35, or 38 millimeters. The hands of all the Tangente models trace a circle of blue, yellow, or red on a background the color of sketch paper. The NOMOS designers have taken a look at the sketchbooks of the Bauhaus masters and made the basic principle of a watch visible. Namely that time is depicted by a circle. Nothing else.

Clear lines, square angles, the famous typography: At NOMOS Glashütte, form always follows function—including here, in this limited edition.

This Bauhaus special edition also represents “Made in Germany” at its best—and Bauhaus for today; straightforward, functional, and simply beautiful.

The backs of the new models are crafted from stainless steel and graced by a special engraving that refers to the centenary of Bauhaus, as well as limited edition numbering: Tangente Sondermodell – ein Jahrhundert Bauhaus, 1/100.

» clean-cut, multi-award-winning Bauhaus style « Mr. Porter on Tangente (07/18)


Limited edition Tangente: three times three sizes in blue, red, and yellow.

Reduced to the essentials

A century of Bauhaus with NOMOS Glashütte

Tangente is not only a design classic and an iconic NOMOS timepiece; it is also often described as a “Bauhaus watch”.

NOMOS Glashütte and Bauhaus


NOMOS’ manual winding caliber Alpha, handcrafted in Glashütte—and safely encased under a stainless steel back with a special limited-edition engraving.

This limited edition Tangente is powered by traditional mechanics: NOMOS’ hand-wound Alpha caliber. At only 2.6 millimeters in height, it is exceptionally accurate, reliable, and adjusted in six positions.