The lug-to-lug measurement of a watch is the distance between the two outer ends of the watch’s lugs. Not to be confused with the lug width, which is the distance between the two sides of the lugs and corresponds to the width of the matching watch strap. Among watch enthusiasts, the outer lug size and the lugs of NOMOS watches are the subject of much debate. One of the reasons for this is the variety of shapes of NOMOS lugs—and for that matter, the watch cases. Each watch model from NOMOS Glashütte has a different case, with the lugs as an integral part of the overall design.

Why is the lug-to-lug measurement of watches important?

When it comes to the size of watches, and which watch fits which diameter of wrist, the lug-to-lug measurement plays a significant role for watch enthusiasts. Sometimes it is even said that this detail is more important for the fit of a watch than the case diameter. Not only the watch case, but also the lugs should comfortably fit the wrist, so their length must be added to the diameter to assess the overall fit of the watch. In discussions about this topic, it is often criticized that watch manufacturers readily provide information about the diameter and possibly the height of their watch cases, but hardly ever about the outer lug dimensions. NOMOS Glashütte does provide information about the outer dimensions of its mechanical watches. In the NOMOS online store, the case diameter, case height, lug width for straps, and the outer lug measurement are standard information provided on all watches.

Why are the lugs on NOMOS watches so striking?

Firstly, of course, because they have become characteristic of NOMOS Glashütte. Instant recognizability is one of the strengths of our iconic watch collection. But the original idea was to present the lugs as not only as a functional element of a watch, but as a distinct design element. The lugs of NOMOS watches all differ from one another. They continue the overall shape of the cases, and the slender profile of NOMOS watches calls for a continuation in the lugs. However, because the lugs are positioned below the bezel and fit snugly against the wrist, the overall effect is always elegant and comfortable to wear.

Why are NOMOS watches nevertheless wearable by everyone who likes them?

Our origin-protected watches come with different case diameters. Many models are already designed in two sizes, such as Club Campus cream coral and Club Campus 38 cream coral with case diameters of 36 and 38.5 millimeters respectively. If you are flexible in terms of watch model, a wide range of sizes are available: Orion, for example, comes with case diameters ranging from 33 to 41 millimeters. That said, NOMOS watches should not be judged on measurements alone for the reasons mentioned above. For those who don't have the opportunity to try them on at a local retailer, the NOMOS store has a video of each watch that shows it worn on a wrist. For further convenience, the wrist circumference of the respective model is listed as well.