Whether you’re getting festive with friends or gathering your extended family around the Christmas tree—NOMOS Glashütte is always happy to celebrate with you. And of course, we have a few gift suggestions to help spread the cheer.

There’s champagne this year for Charlotte—and a new watch from the 33 series, with a champagne gold dial that matches her favorite drink perfectly. These watches are smaller, more delicate, and very flattering to the wrist. Beautiful at first sight, even before the bubbles go to your head. Cheers!

Champagne for everyone!

Spend more time with your loved ones! With watches, as well as life, we appreciate reliability. Take Raoul, for example—after 16 years with Annie, he’s looking forward to many more. To celebrate their love, he’s getting a pair of NOMOS watches for both their wrists. It’s a nice gift idea for John and Sabrina, Lucy and Martina, or Max and Anthony too.

Twice as nice

A ‘to do’ list for 2018, grandma’s number, or a love note: All NOMOS watches with a stainless steel back can feature a personalized message, engraved upon request. It’s a thoughtful way of preserving your message for posterity—as our watches will last a lifetime. And it’s a great idea for Eddie, since he tends to lose track of time (and other things) now and again…

Watches with a personal touch

Better times for Francis, and many others too—those in need in Yemen, Syria, and Afghanistan, for example: That’s what one of NOMOS’ timepieces in support of Doctors Without Borders can do. 100 USD is donated directly to the emergency humanitarian aid organization for each watch purchased. But that doesn’t mean that they are more expensive—and the red twelve is a beautiful tribute to the fundraising mission of these special edition watches.

Watches that help

Hockey on Wednesdays and soccer in the park on Saturdays? Since the kids arrived, Tobias doesn’t manage it too often (that is, ever). But starting is half the challenge—which is why Hannah is giving him an Ahoi from NOMOS Glashütte this year. He will never have to take it off; it’s perfect for sports and the office too. As well as the pool, for baby swimming class on Sundays.

Watches for anywhere, any time

Tom has had a busy year—which is why he is gifting himself all the time in the world. Even better, it fits on the wrist; thanks to the work of the best watchmakers and design engineers we know.

Jetsetting with NOMOS Glashütte

Our thoughts are turning to turkey and stuffing, cranberry sauce and Brussels sprouts. After that? It’s time to rest and ring in the New Year. And then get back to it; we’re already looking forward to seeing our colleagues again in 2018. That’s why we think you should get ahead over the holidays—with a timepiece perfect for the office, studio, and editorial suite from the new At Work series: 14 NOMOS watches that are larger, thinner, and automatic.

At Work: There’s more to come in 2018