Assortiment, reglage, escapement, swing system: The system of the balance, balance spring, escape wheel and pallet—that powers a mechanical watch and sets the pace—has many names in the watchmaking world. A single Swiss producer had, until then, supplied virtually the entire watchmaking industry with this assembly.

And so what came in 2014 was nothing short of an earthquake: “NOMOS Glashütte breaks the Swatch monopoly”—so ran the headlines in the media. The aftershock? NOMOS Glashütte is no longer dependent on third party supply, can grow independently, and determine the quality of its watches itself. All the while continuing its fair, affordable pricing.

To craft such a perfect watch part is a true skill.

The NOMOS swing system is of the very best quality and meticulously tested, so that the watch ticks just right. Uwe Ahrendt, NOMOS Glashütte’s General Manager, explains it like this: “Managing to do this feels a little like landing on the moon.”