In Glashütte, 180 employees build watches and calibers of the highest quality: in the former train station, in the NOMOS Chronometry high up in the valley, in the precision machining department, and the production hall in Glashütte’s Schlottwitz district. It goes without saying that Glashütte is the heart of NOMOS Glashütte. But there are more employees to be found around the world—for instance in New York City, and Berlin; all together there are about 200.

Not only in Glashütte, but in the whole world of fine mechanical watches, a company that does not buy in the movements of its watches from third parties but instead designs and makes its own is extremely rare. NOMOS Glashütte exclusively develops and produces its own calibers; each and every timepiece is made in-house, on site, in Glashütte.

And almost everything is made by hand. Milling plates, bridges, and wheels, bluing screws, beveling edges, finely regulating calibers—building the best watches requires a great deal of patience. It often takes years from the first design drawing to market readiness, when the watch can be sent out into the world.

With an unbelievable amount of effort and attention to detail, the NOMOS watchmakers produce and refine the many components of the movements—almost completely by hand. Only when high-tech is more precise than handcraft—when it all depends on a thousandth of a millimeter—does NOMOS Glashütte use machines.