The watches Lux and Lambda are produced in NOMOS’ dedicated atelier, purposely built for the construction of these timepieces. Among other things, they feature a screw balance, a hand-engraved balance cock, fine gold chatons, hand-beveled and -polished edges, and twin mainspring barrels: Their calibers need only be wound once every three-and-a-half days. NOMOS watchmakers produce two to three of these special timepieces a week.

Adhering to the strictest criteria of chronometer standards, it can take months until one of their calibers is finely adjusted. We put a great deal of love, handcraft, and effort into every single NOMOS watch. And yet with our Atelier collection we take our efforts a tick further—perhaps the lengths we go to are a little excessive, but we don’t mind.

The highest level of craftsmanship from the NOMOS Atelier: 29 jewels decorate caliber DUW 1001. But the show doesn’t stop there: It also features the unique NOMOS fine sunbeam polishing, which complements the traditional Glashütte sunburst on the crown wheel. Caliber DUW 1001 is regulated according to chronometer standards. And as such it’s not only beautiful, but highly precise too.

Golden times from the NOMOS Atelier