Whether in Syria, Libya, the Central African Republic, or Greece—the Nobel Prize-winning organization Doctors Without Borders is deployed around the globe, with more than 33,000 team members helping in more than 70 countries affected by conflict, epidemics, and famines, as well as assisting fleeing and displaced people in the aftermath of war.

Sets of wound dressings, emergency shelters, ready-to-use therapeutic food for children suffering from acute severe malnutrition: These are just a few examples of what purchasing one of these fundraising watches can donate. For every one of these limited edition watches for Doctors Without Borders, 100 EUR, USD, or GBP will be given (depending on the location of purchase) by NOMOS Glashütte and your local retailer. Meaning that you can do good without having to pay more.

The dials of these limited edition models are all white silver-plated and feature a red twelve. The small inscription “Doctors Without Borders” can be found under the six.

At the heart of the watches ticks the hand-wound NOMOS Alpha caliber, as a glance through the sapphire crystal glass back reveals. An engraving also refers to its fundraising role for emergency aid.

The red twelve is a subtle and very beautiful reference to NOMOS’ cooperation with Doctors Without Borders. And shows that the wearer values the organization’s essential work.


Prize-winning classics that make a difference

A tireless motor within

The hand-wound NOMOS Alpha caliber, the most frequently made caliber in our Glashütte workshops.

The in-house built Alpha is NOMOS’ classic caliber. The first to be developed and still the most commonly produced movement from our watchmaking company. Highly precise, handcrafted, manually wound. And incredibly robust.