Sim, soon you will embark on a bike tour through Europe. What are you hoping for?

I grew up in Kreuzberg, Berlin, and have spent my entire life in this city. Now I want to get away and see different parts of the world. Something new every day!

Do you think the trip will change you in any way?

Well, hopefully. While I was at school I was quite shy. I can’t carry on that way: I think I can learn a lot from all the new people I will meet. I’ll have to! About myself as well.

Is there anything you are worried about? Language barriers, for example?

With English you can get by anywhere. And in an emergency I have translation apps on my phone. It’ll be tough — but: nothing ventured, nothing gained.

What’s your first destination?

Across the Alps. My parents aren’t particularly impressed by the idea — they think it’s too risky. But my grandfather made the same trip when he was young. I’m following in his cycle path, so to speak. I can’t wait to reach the peaks, and then ride downhill from there on. Continuing south, until I reach the sea.