Antonia, the stress of your high school exams is just behind you, and you’re already studying again — now medicine. Is it a lot to take in?

It is a little, yes. But if I really care about something, I remember it well. It worked just like that for me in school too. I don’t forget things easily, especially if I am able to write while I listen to whatever is being said — such as during a lecture.

Do you ever get nervous before school exams?

"No, not really. I find that I am able to study at my best when the pressure’s on. Sometimes I start studying a little too late — that’s something I should improve on. But, being a doctor means constantly working in stressful situations, so in that respect: Maybe it’s not such a bad thing if I start getting used to it now."

When did you decide that medicine was the right career for you?

I’ve never wanted to be anything other than a doctor. To do something meaningful, that helps people too. I’ve always been fascinated by the human body: It’s such a perfect system, in which all the parts coordinate in harmony — just like a high-end watch caliber.