Aaron, after school you worked as an installation artist and then as a metalworker — now you are studying to become an architect. Why?

That’s simple: I want to shape the world — what’s all around us. I also want to do something sensible, as people so often say. Architecture impacts life everywhere. More and more people live in cities, therefore our lives are becoming more increasingly determined by humans — and what they build — than by nature.

What are you hoping to achieve as an architect?

I really want to create spaces in which people feel comfortable. I find that German cities are not that progressive. Why are there so many rectangular structures? Why not try building curved houses or ones with offset floors?

With your studies you are at the beginning of a new phase in life. How does it feel?

Intense! Initially I wanted to take some time for myself: to live freely with no commitments. I took time to allow myself to dream a little, and at one point or another I came to the decision that I want to study — and then I got going right away.