They are ready to go diving, robust—and yet perfect for any smart occasion too: the 18 mechanical watches in the NOMOS Aqua series. Two core models, Ahoi and Club, come in five colors for men, women, and an active life. They are all automatic (what else?)

New releases

New in the Aqua series: Club and Ahoi neomatik in siren white

The model Club in pure white, ready to set a shining example. The typograpy is bright red—with a dash of blue.

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Ahoi in siren white. Ticking within this NOMOS watch is the neomatik caliber DUW 3001. 'neomatik' stands for a new generation of automatic movements—exceptionally slender and technologically innovative.

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Watches for water—in siren white

Club and Ahoi neomatik (for sporty wrists above and below water)

The Aqua watches in detail

From the beach to the theater: watches suitable for every occasion

Fine watchmaking from Glashütte, Germany—that will withstand whatever life brings. Its extra-thick, robust case from steel and sapphire crystal glass ensures that knocks and bumps won't stop this timepiece ticking.

A statement piece: Whether siren red, white, or blue, white-silver plated or Atlantic blue—these watches are beautiful in five nautical shades.

Ahoi is simply beautiful, but with hidden depths. A sports fan that feels equally at home in water and on land, 24 hours a day and seven days a week. Both watch models are availble versions for men and women alike—in other words, in different sizes.

It is strong enough to hold one, maybe two elephants: The strap for NOMOS' sports watches is elegant and almost indestrubtible. Tailor-made for NOMOS Glashütte in France, it looks great, wears comfortably, and holds firm in all conditions.

» Eye-catching and elegant« GQ, 08/2017

Looks great everywhere, withstands everything. Ahoi is water resistant to 200 meters, so 20 atm. This means that is it particularly robust on dry land too.

Lights off, watch on: The watches of the Aqua series tell the time in the dark as well. Superluminova lets the hands, numerals, and indexes shine.

The Aqua series

18 wonderful watches for water

In-house-built movements

Automatically towards the future

The watches of the Aqua series work automatically; a small movement of the wrist is enough to wind the caliber within. Alongside the NOMOS calibers DUW 5001 and DUW 5101 (with a date), the innovative DUW 3001 caliber is at work in some models. Highly precise and yet ultra-thin, it is the start of a new generation of automatic movements.

The neomatik caliber DUW 3001: an automatic movement of an entirely new caliber. Highly precise and at 3.2 millimeters, extremely thin. The proprietary NOMOS swing system keeps the time within. You can recognize it by the tempered blue balance spring.

The NOMOS swing system

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NOMOS Glashütte can do what almost no other company worldwide can—produce a proprietary escapement. Known as the NOMOS swing system, it’s a declaration of independence in the world of fine watchmaking.