None other than Ludwig van Beethoven has inspired NOMOS Glashütte to produce a new arrangement of its classic timepiece series Tetra. The watchmakers from Glashütte share many values with Germany’s great composer: Perfection, an obsession with quality, and the desire to bequeath something to eternity. This is how timeless beauty is created. Note by note.

Swelling passions

Tetra Divine Spark

Beethoven’s famous Ninth Symphony culminates in the verse: ‟Joy, o fair spark of divinity”—and the NOMOS designers who produced this Tetra took those exuberant words as inspiration. Finished in a copper tone, this shaped watch is as it were a crescendo in the art of watchmaking: the glowing hue of the watch’s dial mounts in intensity with its golden hands, eliciting an ultimately irresistible desire to wear it on the wrist.

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Yours truly forever

Tetra Immortal Beloved

Beethoven unerringly reached for the eternal not only in his music, but also in his declarations of love. The letter he wrote to his ‟Immortal Beloved”—namesake of this Tetra—ends with the words “forever yours, forever mine, forever us.” Here from NOMOS in Glashütte is the art of watchmaking for eternity—now for the first time with a turquoise watch dial.

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Universal Harmony

Tetra Ode to Joy

At the world premiere of the Ode to Joy, the audience itself felt ‟drunk with fire,” and repeatedly burst out in applause while the orchestra was still playing. Its dial in olive green with golden hands, this Tetra pays homage to two men—the composer of the great Ninth Symphony and the poet who penned its immortal verses, Friedrich Schiller.

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Faithful companion

Tetra Fidelio

The bold and faithful Fidelio in Beethoven’s only opera is in fact a heroine—and the Tetra timepiece named after her looks every bit as good on a man’s wrist as it does on a woman’s. No matter who is wearing it, this watch is ready to take on the heroic challenges of everyday life.

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The motor

The Evergreen Classic from NOMOS

The hand-wound caliber Alpha is the very first watch movement produced by NOMOS Glashütte. Reliable and highly precise, this caliber beats the time in all four new Tetra models, as well.