Kaweco is a manufacturer of writing instruments founded in 1883 that made Heidelberg the center of the fountain pen industry. They have created a special fountain pen for NOMOS Glashütte, as fountain pen construction lies outside of our area of expertise. The design of the octagonal pen, made from high-grade polymer, comes from the 1930s. Available with a choice of two different nib sizes.


The NOMOS fountain pen has a delicate steel tip. 10.5 cm in length. Customers in the United States, please note: due to US Customs restrictions, orders delivered to the United States are shipped without an ink cartridge. Not to worry though, you can purchase these from your local office supply store online retailer under the name, "international standard cartridge". 10.5 cm in length, or 13.5 cm when in use with attached lid. Packaged in an attractive metal case with replacement ink cartridges (set of six cartridges).