“neomatik” is inscribed on the platinum gray dial as this NOMOS icon is fitted with the DUW 3001. The automatic movement incorporates innovative mechanics and Glashütte tradition in one highly precise watch. The platinum metal on the dial underscores the value of this watch—rarely does understatement bring with it such personality and gravitas. The unisex Tangente has a case diameter of 35 millimeters. Tangente neomatik 39 platinum gray is the perfect choice for all those who like to wear larger watches.

Tangente neomatik platinum gray

The Tangente neomatik platinum gray edition of this NOMOS watch expresses the elegance and sophistication of its slender neomatik caliber. An optimized movement, the bidirectional winding rotor, and the NOMOS swing system of DUW 3001 are intelligently housed in the slim case of the Tangente neomatik platinum gray.

The gleaming rhodium-plated hands indicate the time on the platinum-gray dial. The minute markers stand out in anthracite. The silver-gray shimmer of the sub-seconds dial harmonizes with the polished steel case.

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Angled lugs, the unmistakable typography, and a flat case with smooth sapphire crystal glass all contribute to the high-recognition value of this multi-award-winning icon.

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Elegant, slender, and highly precise: neomatik caliber DUW 3001 with the NOMOS swing system

The “neomatik” lettering in gold is a subtle nod to the work of the engineers in the NOMOS Research and Development department.

NOMOS engineers in Glashütte develop the next generation automatic calibers through precise simulations, calculations, and analyses.

Stroke of genius: The NOMOS swing system is DUW 3001’s precise pacesetter. Few manufactories have the necessary knowledge to produce their own escapements. The delicate assembly of the pallet, pallet cock, and tempered blue balance exemplifies the spirit of research and the expertise housed at NOMOS Glashütte.

Optimized gear wheel train: The loss of energy due to friction when interlocking gears turn has been reduced from the usual twenty percent to 5.8%—an enormous reduction.

The precisely crafted Glashütte three-quarter plate allows quick assembly of the caliber components.

The state-of-the-art technology of the NOMOS automatic caliber has been intelligently integrated. In DUW 3001, almost all important caliber components are located between the base plate and the three-quarter plate, in a space of just one millimeter.

With great patience, dexterity, and a seasoned eye for detail, the watchmakers in the Chronometry department build the neomatik calibers from 157 minuscule components.

Another characteristic of DUW 3001, with a reversal angle of just 10 degrees, the bidirectional winding rotor transfers the captured kinetic energy extremely efficiently to the flatter mainspring and stops when fully wound. This reduces material wear of the long-lasting movement to a minimum.

The crescent-shaped disc bears the manufacture’s “NOMOS Glashütte Deutsche Uhrenwerke” engraved in gold, proudly declaring NOMOS as the maker of its own calibers. All surfaces of the movements are refined at NOMOS and lavishly decorated with ribbing and perlage in the Glashütte tradition.

“Highest Quality.” NOMOS Glashütte was awarded this accolade in the F.A.Z. “Highest Quality 2021” study, receiving top marks in the categories: Product and Service, Availability, Customer Satisfaction, and Innovation and Quality. Out of 80 companies in the watchmaking industry, the manufactory finished in first place.

The motor

DUW 3001

It took around one and half million minutes of work, shortly after the arrival of the NOMOS swing system it became the next homemade sensation: NOMOS automatic caliber DUW 3001—flatter, finer, more elegant than everything that had come before. With this first caliber with neomatik technology, NOMOS Glashütte has set a new standard for automatic calibers.

The neomatik caliber DUW 3001: an automatic movement of an entirely new caliber. Highly precise and at 3.2 millimeters, extremely thin. The proprietary NOMOS swing system keeps the time within. You can recognize it by the tempered blue balance spring.

The NOMOS swing system

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NOMOS Glashütte can do what almost no other company worldwide can—produce a proprietary escapement. Known as the NOMOS swing system, it’s a declaration of independence in the world of fine watchmaking.