Colorful accents on the white silver-plated dial with matching, naturally dyed cowhide leather straps: These limited special editions of the NOMOS classic Tangente in cooperation with our Japanese distributor Osawa bring spring, summer, fall, and winter to the wrist. They include 33, 35, and 38-millimeter versions.

Four seasons in detail

Naturally Japanese

Golden fall: Tangente Akane, available with a 33 or 35-millimeter diameter, blazes in warm red, mocha brown, and gold. The roots of the akane plant used to dye the leather strap also give the Japanese flag its color.

Icy winter: Gray and silver tones (and a festive green!) adorn the Tangente Yakusugi model with its 35-millimeter dial. The dye for the strap is made from the leaves of the 1000-year-old cedar trees found on the southern Japanese island of Yakushima.

Spring awakening: Tangente Enju (33 or 35 millimeters across) is graced with a grass-green ring and slightly darker numerals and indexes. The buds of the Japanese pagoda tree make the strap so vibrantly yellow.

Heavenly summer: Tangente Ai brings to mind blue skies and the sea breeze (and, with a diameter of 38 millimeters, is particularly large). Its leather strap gets its blue color from the Japanese indigo plant.