Where watches come from

More people in Glashütte wear good watches than elsewhere in the world. As these images prove.

When will there be a new watch?

Heike Arendt is the head of product management at NOMOS Glashütte and she doesn’t make announcements all too often—but she doesn’t rest on her laurels either.

Timeless beauty

Matthias Garff makes insect boxes—which are reminiscent of the cabinets of curiosities from centuries past.

The Best of the Best

Built like a vault — and beautiful to boot. For good reason, Tangente Sport has just won the highest distinction for watch design.

Moved to tears

Beauty can make us better people, according to the world-renowned designer Stefan Sagmeister. An interview with him in New York.

Earn it first

Simply buying something isn’t enough: We need to earn something before we can own it, says Professor Jörg Hundertpfund.

Simply everyday

Searching for love or friendship? Sometimes objects have got what it takes to be your companion.

The square in art

Works of art for the wrist: Pay a visit to our Tetra Gallery.

Simon Husslein

His favorite projects as a designer? Furniture, exciting interiors, and watches (of course). The renowned industrial designer tells us more.

Sarah Illenberger

She’s an artist and illustrator, “but set design fits as well,” she says. One of Berlin’s most creative minds answers our questions.

A departure from the familiar

Expect the unexpected: There is a complex design process behind the development of the Autobahn watch.

It doesn’t always have to be a soft landing

At least for the watch! But do you really need “water resistance to 1000 ft”?

“The mainstream is tedious”

Mark Braun is a talented and internationally successful designer. That said, many of his creations are even more renowned than himself—from furniture and lights to tableware and watches.

Small delights

Even more Bauhaus: These four new women’s watches are more refined than ever—and will look perfect with jewelry. But why are they called “duo”?


Our biggest release this spring: sports watches with bracelets. Take a closer look at this robust yet elegant collection here.

100 years of Bauhaus

A major anniversary—but Bauhaus has always been important to us.

What NOMOS stands for

Is a watch a statement? Yes—among other things, it can show how we tick.