“Saving lives without borders! This remains my hope and my calling. In addition to many other diseases and crises, Corona continues to be a global issue: The number of cases is growing in more than 70 countries where Doctors Without Borders was already at work before the outbreak of the virus. This month I am planning my 23rd assignment; where will soon become clear. We dispatch doctors, nursing staff, medicine, and entire hospital units to the most remote regions around the world. We teach and we train. And in the fight to save as many lives as possible, we rely on donations—and the watches of NOMOS Glashütte.”

You are welcome to use this quote and all the accompanying images. If you would like to speak with Tankred Stöbe or another representative of Doctors Without Borders, or if you require more information or images: Feel free to contact us anytime. We also have several German copies of the book “Mut und Menschlichkeit” by Tankred Stöbe available to those of you who would like to delve deeper into this topic—just get in touch if you’re interested. For now: We are looking forward to all of the new and fascinating stories to come from you throughout 2021.

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