Whether it’s a second degree or first promotion: Well done! To celebrate those important milestones in life, “The Graduates’ Club” will be joined by three new mechanical timepieces—with plenty of space for a personalized engraving


When NOMOS Glashütte launched the Campus series two years ago, the timepieces were made with young graduates in mind. Now the range is being extended with three new automatic models for those taking the next step in their academic or professional careers—and for the very first time, NOMOS is offering a bracelet for its watches.

This takes the complete Campus collection up to six: three versions with manual winding and three automatic versions, in multiple sizes and dial colors. What unifies the collection is that they all feature a stainless steel back, which leaves space for a personalized message to the wearer from proud parents, grandparents, or significant others. This engraving service is complimentary with every watch.

All Campus models are handcrafted in Glashütte and powered by an in-house NOMOS caliber, offering lasting value for the years to come. They also make excellent gifts to celebrate significant achievements and new beginnings—since there could hardly be a better way to start a professional career than with a fine timepiece on the wrist. It will make the wearer look and feel the part, while demonstrating excellent taste in design and respect for quality manufacturing.

The Campus series draws its design from the Club model by NOMOS Glashütte, known for its sporty and youthful aesthetic. All six versions feature a robust case and a California dial with both Arabic and Roman numerals. The three manual watches come with a velour strap, while three are automatic—in other words, equipped with an innovative “neomatik” caliber. Campus neomatik timepieces also come with a brand-new bracelet as standard, although all NOMOS watches can be fitted with alternative leather or textile straps on request.

The fine mechanical timepieces in the Campus series are also designed to withstand the rigors of everyday life. Their cases are crafted from stainless steel and sapphire crystal, which is second in strength only to diamond. All six watches are water resistant (manually-wound versions to 100m, the automatic versions to 200m), making them suitable for sport and active lifestyles. Their pricing is also particularly appealing—starting at 1100 EUR for manual winding, and 2200 EUR for self-winding versions. To offer an automatic watch powered by an in-house caliber at this price point is truly remarkable, and a first for the watchmaking industry. The three new additions to the Campus series are also exceptionally slender, with a proprietary escapement (the revolutionary NOMOS swing system), and all the time-honored characteristics of fine Glashütte watchmaking.

Should you require any additional information or images, or wish to review this timepiece, or schedule an interview—for example with the design engineers—please do not hesitate to contact us. We always look forward to your queries.

Anna Jasper
NOMOS Glashütte
PR department
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