An allowance for a nephew, a watch for your nearest and dearest to choose for themselves, an addition to your own savings for a watch or a gift: this voucher is as transferable and savable as money itself. You can redeem it here on the NOMOS online store or at the NOMOS Kaufhaus, our store in Glashütte. Risk-free, simple—and easy to give.


The NOMOS check is a voucher that can be used in the NOMOS Store as well as in the NOMOS Kaufhaus, Hauptstraße 12, 01768 Glashütte. It can be used for all articles available in the Store or in the Kaufhaus. A voucher is valid for three years, calculated from the end of the year in which it was purchased. That’s what the law dictates. But if you really don’t manage to redeem your NOMOS check within this time, we can certainly work something out. Please take good care of your NOMOS check and the code it contains, and protect it against unauthorized use. Unfortunately we cannot offer replacements for lost or stolen checks. To redeem your check, simply type in its code. You will find a small field in which to do so during the order process. As soon as the code has been used once, the NOMOS check is redeemed and the code is no longer valid. A NOMOS check can be given to third parties without restrictions.